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Major system trading and manufacturing company, Rakic Ltd was founded 1991. As the years progressed the company expanded: more visions  and more activities continued to be added to the system. Main activity is wholesale, system of our own markets, manufacturing own products, distribution of goods in retail shops and other wholesalers. In our product range we have branded food and chemical products as well as products from our own production.

Over the years we have gained the trust of our business partners as a reliable and confidential wholesaler, manufacturer, retailer and distributor.

About us

Valkira is new globale wholesale company established in a system Rakic Ltd for worldwide business-to-business, specialized for trade with A-branded products. Our main activity is being able to provide our business partners as customers, branded products on stock with very attractive prices and efficient and reliable delivery with all necessary guarantees. All purchased goods offered to our customers are stored under perfect conditions in our warehouses until they will be  prepared for shipping.

Main objective, in all our activities is to explore and expand existing and new markets, strive to continually increase to reliable business partner who can ensure branded products and supply all our clients the right products with best price.

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Valkira team

Our management team is highly trained with knowledge who look after every step of our business relations.

We believe in success!

“Use the night to see your dreams and the day to make them true”


 Valkira your partner for global trading in import & export!